Have you ever traveled in your mind to a special, even sacred, place? One that you’ve never been to but is etched in your memory? Osgood pond is such a place for me. I know of it only by a photo – a gift from a friend who has the quiet eye of an artist and a soul touched by Divine Mystery.

The setting is the lake region of Upper New York State. Tucked amidst the grandeur of the Adirondacks, west of Lake Champlain, not far from Lake Placid, sits a tiny isle bounded by tranquil waters. The picture freezes in time an unforgettable scene of forest and pond, of an arched stone bridge and an inviting shelter. Eden could not have been more picturesque.

The matted and framed picture adorns a wall in direct view of my ‘pondering’ chair. Each morning it serves to transport me to the heavenly places where I sit with One who invites me to rest in him. Osgood Pond epitomizes for me a place where I can know the peace that passes all understanding.   I’m hoping you have an Osgood Pond that nurtures your soul.

Thank you, Ray Ford, for blessing me with a gift that never fails to center me. It is my Ebenezer!


Today’s Nugget: Holy pondering is dependent on a  ‘pondering’ chair.