It’s nearly fifty years since my brother-in-law, New England born and bred, made his first trip south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Stopping for breakfast at a roadside restaurant, he ordered his usual bacon and eggs. When his food arrived there was something unfamiliar on the plate. “What’s that?” he asked. “Em are grits” said the waitress. “I didn’t order that!” To which she replied, “Grits just come.”


Thoughts, like grits, ‘just come.’ They ‘pop-up’ uninvited, seemingly out of the blue and often at inconvenient times. Some are fleeting and quickly forgotten while others linger and even recur. They may simply be reminders of something or someone that slipped your mind and needs your attention. Or they may ‘replay’ conversations, events or circumstances that are disturbing or even troubling. It’s the latter that invite our pondering – perhaps even ‘holy’ pondering!”


Holy pondering, as the focus of this website, is about reflecting on life’s experiences as a way of opening to the Holy – of listening for ‘the gentle whisper!’ The Lord, you recall, was not in the wind, earthquake or fire (1 Kings 19:11-12, NIV). Elijah sought sympathy and support from the Lord; instead, he received a new word and a new direction! Holy pondering is not about pondering insights. It’s about seeking Spirit-vision through pondering!



Today’s Nugget: Holy pondering is not about pondering insights; it’s about seeking Sprit-vision through pondering.