Hymns  –  Poems  –  Prayers

          You are invited here to sit and ponder hymns, poems and prayers of those across the spectrum of time, place and differing faith traditions who traveled the pathway of holy pondering in search of the Divine Mystery.

They, too, sought to hear the gentle whisper. These art forms give voice to what they heard, felt or saw. Their words convey what shaped and sustained them in the trials and temptations, joys and sorrows, of life as they knew it.

Here we find revealed hopes and fears, yearnings and requests, and glimpses of encounters with the Holy. There are shouts of acclamation, quiet affirmations of faith, songs of joy and adoration, whispers of gratitude and declarations of assurance. Each entails the baring of the soul with its accompanying response.

We are privileged to ‘listen in’ and reflect on the intimacies of humble souls opening to Divine Love. Herein lies the nature of soul work with its promise of discerning Divine presence and leading.