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A Yellow Plane

Just down the shore apiece is anchored a small, yellow seaplane. Hidden from sight by the trees that border the water’s edge, it sits quietly waiting for my neighbor to bring it to life. Whenever I’m out and about the yard and hear its engine, I stop to scan the shoreline or sky to catch […]

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The Fourth of July weekend brought a new family of walkers along Georgia Shore. One youngster in the group spied Whimsy, our resident frog, sitting on a wooden bench in our garden. He excitedly pointed him out. The discovery obviously tickled him and, perhaps, sparked his imagination of a talking frog. But it takes a […]

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Grits Just Come

It’s nearly fifty years since my brother-in-law, New England born and bred, made his first trip south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Stopping for breakfast at a roadside restaurant, he ordered his usual bacon and eggs. When his food arrived there was something unfamiliar on the plate. “What’s that?” he asked. “Em are grits” said the […]

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